The Truth About The Ministry: An Honest Testimonial

“I am a former Colorado client who spoke with Melinda Gagnon about my case awhile back. I am also in the financial business area as well. This article written is my own opinion and I was not prompted by anyone to write this. This was written on my own accord and I have decided it’s time to expose Melinda as well as these other two people who go by the name I think of Maura and Krista. I live in the west part of the country and this has been needing to get out for a while. I alone wrote this. No one prompted me nor did they suggest it.

I did not speak to anyone about the content I am going to disclose… I obtained it myself. So no one is involved in assisting me writing this. I alone am the only 1 involved in this disclosure.

When Melinda spoke with me, I felt that she was completely rude to me and she was totally insensitive. She insisted that I deserved what I went through with my case and blamed me as the victim for my attacks. Some people she is totally sympathetic to and others she blames the victim.

I have done my own research and found out on my own that she picks and chooses who she befriends and I have as well as friends of mine have complained about her and her lack of professionalism many times yet she still stays working and she has treater multiple other people I know the same way while other people get red carpet treatment.

It has been discovered that she owns several chains of napa auto parts stores and gets paid as a secretary. She also has had several businesses that she lost and she also has several divorces that she receives income from. She has a house that is 4606 square ft when others are trying to make ends meet and I have heard from friends of mine in Georgia, and North Carolina and I also have friends in California who have told me that Melinda has been rude with them and discriminatory against them as well. They said she was even bigoted and heard that she was also very racist and told me that she is southern Baptist and having known a few of those people myself know how down right mean they can be and they are selective who they like and treat with respect. She is one of the rudest and meanest people I’ve ever met and I do not feel she should be in ministry helping people.

She is using her boss and taking advantage of the clients. She discriminates against others who either do work or have done work for her boss as well. She isn’t in her position for the good of the client … she only cares about money. She told a friend of mine that she had to pay 250 for a donation to have a deliverance that she knew she couldn’t afford as she was in the process of moving and the deliverance never happened. She caused my friend to run the other direction.

She also is trying to take over the ministry and to her he is just dollar signs. To her, he is just her way of milking him slowly for everything he has blindly. All she cares about is his money and as long as she is getting financially supported by money she doesn’t need or deserve, she will of course be a friend to her boss. She plays on his sympathies and she just thinks about herself. This is so wrong.

I have also noticed another young woman who is an assistant to him who does website work and more for him as I have seen her website, and work and her work is gorgeous, and very very professional looking. Her name escapes my mind. She deserves more than anything to be his assistant. Ive been watching her work online for years as I have been truly impressed by her work, and have heard Melinda tell everyone that shes not apart of the ministry which is clearly a lie. She does a lot of the hard work for her boss and this young woman who I do not know nor do I know personally, has never been allowed to be recognized when I have had heard the assistants listed on air listening to shows and the web tech person is never mentioned. This bothers me greatly. People from Maryland, and Delaware, as well as Pennsylvania including a few others states, have told me recently the young woman who has been with him nearly 6 years, gets left out of a lot of work due to this false business from LA and the psychic taking away her work and Melinda finds it hilariously funny as do the other women. She needs an increase in work and needs to stop being left out.

Why does someone who seems to dedicate her time and seems to give her all to the ministry not get recognized and I was told by a friend of mine who asked Melinda if this young woman was under contract and Melinda flat out lied shaming this young woman and said she has never helped out the owner a day in her life and I know it’s not true because I love her work and have watched her all these years and not 1 time has she been included and not 1 time has she been acknowledged or recognized. Melinda and Krista and Maura if I remember their names correctly should be moving on and dealing with their own businesses and Melinda should be avoided at all costs.

She has every right to be recognized as an assistant too. I have had friends of mine watching her work and said they have spoken with her regarding their cases and she was courteous, polite, empathic, sincere, genuinely concerned, compassionate and very very professional in handling their cases. I have also heard that people really like her over Melinda and would rather talk to her rather than anyone else. Melinda makes people feel uncomfortable and does a poor job in what she does. She is not a person I’d speak to when the young woman who helped friends of mine was so much more a fit for ministry. She is the preferred assistant I would speak to any day over Melinda who is entirely in the wrong business. She needs to focus on her napa auto parts franchises where she should be having plenty of money coming in. She doesn’t need any other money. She needs to pay back the owner in good faith and not be so greedy.

Two other women on there who claim to be additional assistants are not apart of the ministry. They each have their own business and are out for money as well and to use the ministry owner. They need to go focus on their own businesses. One website, a woman by the name of Krista Keller Talent has a website with no location listed on it nor does her website list the who she got it from. The website is poorly designed and looks something that should be done by a beginner website designer who doesn’t know what they were doing, and is not really who she claims to be. She is only out for money and though she only has clients who speak positively of her, she has had many clients who who have bot been satisfied with her services and have left cancelling their contracts. My advice is to use someone who is legit and not taking a ministry owner for everything he has. People should not contract with her as she is only putting on a front saying people feel she is award winning when she is truly not legit. Anyone considering using her should think again.

Another woman who claims to be an assistant Maura, is a psychic medium and has no business being in a ministry when she should be running her own business that she has. As well. I don’t trust psychics and do not believe they should be working in a ministry or ministry as it is a conflict of interest and is totally inappropriate when the owner himself has been heard saying on air of one show I heard saying psychics do not give god the credit for their gifts and are basically out for making a quick buck in their work that they do. Why would you have someone answer emails if you are against anyone being a psychic. No ministry should be using a psychic when they do their own events and run their own business especially when the owner has openly admitted no psychics are legit and honor god for their gifts and are only out for money and aren’t real people. They are just scammers.

I feel Melinda is a mistake to have in ministry and I feel she is entirely scamming people and acting as if she cares. I even saw information that I have on my financial software that regular people don’t have access to, that she doesn’t pay taxes or people that should be paid and several people have told me she of her own choice have shoved others from helping in the ministry by refusing to get them paid and only pay people who come from from money when they don’t need it.

I’m sure there are others out there as well who feel Melinda should submit her resignation and go back to her businesses. She has had multiple failed businesses that she has lost in several law suits against her. She is not to be trusted nor are the other two who own their own businesses seeking only money from someone who is trying to make a living and is a decent and genuine person, and if anyone wants to deal with a real assistant to this man, please contact the young woman who does his Spiritual Warfare Research and Development and web technology, as I think that was the name of her website. She does as beautiful job with it and is the right fit for the ministry owner. She is the best I’ve come across as have friends of mine and other people have said the same thing. She has a fb page as well if you look up SWRD on facebook and she does a great job for this minister.

Whatever you do, stay away from the others they are not who they claim to be. I feel the only one who is truly legit is the young woman who has been with him for nearly 6 years and I’ve heard she has given her life up for this minister and ministry and Melinda just publicly humiliates her and excludes her from inclusion as part of the staff. She needs to stop being left out and excluded. I hope everyone takes this time to recognize the young woman who works so hard for him and sends a message to the minister that it is inappropriate to have the psychic and woman who is posing as an agency, with no known address and appropriate business, to allow them working for him. Especially when Melinda causes the most of trouble and a friend of mine in Connecticut told me she has deliberately failed to put his assistant who does SWRD and his website related stuff under contract and is deliberately not paying her. Ivd been told by a friend in South Carolina that Melinda was reported to the georgia police as well for illegal operation of a ministry she is trying to take over and failing to pay business taxes. The interesting thing is that in my research she doesn’t have her picture listed it has been removed and she has a po box office as well.

Melinda Mckamey

Po Box 376

Marietta GA 30061

Cobb County

Who is this woman working for him …she isn’t legit. In my research she has the following names available… why have so many aliases… what is she hiding? She needs to be exposed and removed as do the psychic and fraudulent agency from LA. Take a look at the aliases Melinda has…. something is wrong with this picture…

Melinda M Gagnon

Melinda M Welsh

Melinda Gannon

Melinda Gagnon

Melinda Mckamey

Melinda Welsh

Ms Melinda M Gagnon

Melinda Lavigne


That she uses was as a cover…..

Public Criminal Information Results Summary: 2 Results found for Melinda M. Gagnon

Two of several criminal records are out of Augusta Georgia and South Marietta from public records against Melinda that is there for the world to see. Melinda isn’t as “wonderful” as she claims to be.

I hope this minister who runs the ministry realizes that he needs to make the young woman who does SWRD and his website stuff and researching his lead assistant. Shes a better genuine fit and does a far better job. She from what I heard, is far more honest and legitimate and has a better reputation than all the others out there. If anyone can be trusted it is this young woman working for him and she should be given total trust and confidence, she has dedicated and given her entire life up for him without asking for anything in return from what I have seen. She also has ministry credentials and comes highly recommended. She needs help becoming more well known.

He needs to wake up and hire people like this young woman who gives her all and wants to see the ministry move forward. I’d rather see someone more honest and legit than the 3 women putting on a front. His ministry will be better off with someone honest and legit rather than people who deserves to be doing all they do. Do not reply to Melinda, Krista or Maura. They are all frauds and need to be removed from the ministry.

Stay away from these 3 women. They are not the ones you should be contacting nor are they legit.

Want real professionalism, ask for the young woman with no recognition and ask to be put in touch with her instead. You’ll be better off. I wish I could recall her name……

Maybe this minister will get people who are as honest and loyal and dedicated as his SWRD research and web tech assistant who is also found to have ministry credentials. She is the one who should be replying to people’s emails, not the other 3. They are only putting on a front. Only god can open the eyes of this minister and help him get a better staff built up that doesn’t discriminate or leave anyone out. The only two legitimate people are the minister Bill Bean himself who owns the ministry, and the young woman who is and should be his real assistant and does his website stuff and many other things for him.

This young woman needs as much recognition and responsibility as possible. If you contact Bill Bean, ask him to forward your messages to his assistant that does have a ministry degree and does all of his website related stuff and anything else he needs het to do. She’s awesome! Or if its easier, contact her website directly.

This is his only legitimate assistant who is honest and decent and you are in good hands with her. If anyone can handle a case, she can and should be given them to reply to. Real professionalism is this young woman. Give her a chance. She will be more professional than the others and people love her. You wont regret contacting her.. be sure to ask for her by name or contact her website. She can also be reached at her office phone as well which is listed on her website. The best hands you will be in is with her and Bill. Put her to the test and find out what an amazing job she does. You wont be sorry!”

-A former client living in Colorado wishing to remain anonymous-