Need to send an anonymous message? Let The Incognito Help Line, do it for you! As the number one professional anonymous messaging service, The Incognito Help Line knows that sometimes its easier to let someone say things for you, which is why The Incognito Help Line was created; so people would start to say the things they need to say. It’s one thing to get a random phone call or text and you can’t verify where it’s from, or if it’s meant to be taken seriously or as a joke. But when you get a personal phone call or postcard from The Incognito Help Line, you know the message is serious and isn’t a joke, and it’s that personal touch that makes all the difference.  For more information visit www.IncognitoHelpLine.com.


Anonymous Phone Call

Often a call is the next best thing to speaking to someone in person, which is why our phone service is the best way to anonymously deliver a message with confidence that it will be received. Simply provide the recipient’s name, phone number and best times to call, at checkout, and we’ll relay the message. It’s quick, easy, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. ORDER TODAY!

Anonymous Question With Return Response

Need to ask someone want they want for a birthday gift without revealing yourself? Want to know if your crush is single but too embarrassed to ask? Envy someone’s outfit but don’t want to ask where they bought it? If you need to ask someone an anonymous question and have a response forwarded to you, try our anonymous inquiry service. For one low price, we will call and ask the recipient of your choice whatever question you’d like and email you their response! It’s quick, easy and painless. ORDER TODAY!

Anonymous Email

Email is undoubtedly one of the most effective forms of communication today. Unfortunately it’s far from anonymous and unquestionably traceable. So when you need to send a discreet message and prefer to do it via email, the Incognito Help Line will send it anonymously, on your behalf. Simply provide the recipient’s email address, and we will relay the message for you. It’s that easy. ORDER TODAY!

Anonymous Text or SMS

Quick, easy, reliable, convenient, there isn’t much not to love about text messaging; that is unless you don’t want the message being traced back to your phone. That’s why we offer anonymous text and SMS message deliver services for a convenient low price. Just provide the recipient’s phone number at checkout and we will deliver the message on your behalf. It’s easy and simple. ORDER TODAY!

Anonymous Tweet

Want to call someone out on Twitter without revealing your identity? Well now you can with our anonymous Twitter posting service. You provide the user’s Twitter name and message, and we will take care of the rest, by posting your message and naming the specified recipient in it. Satisfaction guaranteed. Please note: this may not be a direct message and might be visible by other Twitter users. Please do not select this option if your message is of a sensitive nature. ORDER TODAY!

Anonymous Facebook Message

Want to message someone anonymously on Facebook without revealing your identity? Well now you can with our anonymous Facebook messaging service. You provide the user’s Facebook name and message, and we will take care of the rest and send your message privately to them. ORDER TODAY!

Anonymous Postcard (Postage Included)

Nothing is more personal than a hand delivered letter. So show how much you care with our anonymous letter delivery service. Simply provide the address for the recipient, and outline what it is you would like to say, and we will craft a personal message and deliver it with care. ORDER TODAY!

Prayer or Motivational Message

Unpleasant news is always taken better when delivered with positivity, so why not add a motivational message or prayer to be delivered with your delicate message? Upon request we will craft and add a personalized prayer, blessing or motivational statement to the recipient of your choosing, to make their day a little brighter and show much how much you care. ORDER TODAY!

Advice or Suggestion

Sometimes bad news is taken better with an accompanying suggestion. So why not add some custom advice to your bad news for just $0.99? Instead of just telling someone what the problem is, we will provide a customized solution on your behalf, to give the recipient some direction about what to do next. ORDER TODAY!

Mama always said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” So take Mama’s advice and let us say it for you. No hassle, no recurring fees, just great service, (without any backlash). Try us today, your satisfaction is guaranteed. ORDER TODAY!

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