Mary Estime-Irvin Has Been Fined More Than Any Other Candidate That Ran Against Her…. And She Hasn’t Paid One Central

This has got to be one of the worst people in The City of North Miami’s Government. This corrupt woman running for state House in District 107 in 2016 has the most fines of any newcomer on the ballot in which she appeared. She has been fined for seven separate campaign violations in a row, and state records show she still has not paid any fines. Why? Because she does what she wants, when she wants, without any consequences.

Mayor Smith Joseph should be ashamed of his appointment to the North Miami Adjustment Board. She does not pay taxes, repeatedly violates election and campaign laws, and gets a slap on the wrist for refusing to pay said fines, while simultaneously being rumored to be running a Variance Scam that allows funeral homes, major apartment buildings, and hair salons to be placed directly adjacent to residential homes (where they would not normally be allowed), in exchange for payments from the businesses owners requesting variances.

It’s a very simple scheme, but what it also is is very illegal. She is a disgrace and with the help of Rosaline Phillips and henchman Dana Magloire-Fenelon, they are maintaining North Miami’s reputation as the hair salon funeral Home Capital of the world.

But hey, what more can be expected of a self absorbed selfie loving corrupt politician.

Basking In The Glow Of My Corruption

22 thoughts on “Mary Estime-Irvin Has Been Fined More Than Any Other Candidate That Ran Against Her…. And She Hasn’t Paid One Central

  1. I don’t understand how someone with so few credentials and a shady past has been appointed by shady mayor Joseph Smith. I’m doing my own homework but so far, everything that’s been written about this woman is spot on.

  2. I cant stand her. She smiles in your face and gets paid to do dirt behind your back. She, along with Rosaline Phillips and Dana Magloire-Fenelon especially, do not care about you or anyone in North Miami. They aim to destroy and profit therefrom.

  3. Release the tapes! I know you have them lol. (Your web admin showed them to me yesterday). This dummy is going DOWN

  4. She should put a funeral home next to her own house (if she hasn’t gotten paid to do so already). Estime-Irvin, Magloire Fenelon and Phillips are the scum that keep the city the funeral Home Capital of the world

  5. Why are you focusing so much on her when the mayor is 10x worse! He laughs all the time about screwing over NOMI residents, while involving tree-scams and the variance scams all in our faces. I work for the city. #insider

  6. I had high hopes for the area when I bought my home in North Miami. Great location, but with shit appointees like Dana Magloire Fenelon, Mary Estime and fake ass Rosaline Phillips, and SUPER corrupt Mayor Smith Joseph (or Joseph Smith- can’t tell when first names are fucking last names) North Miami will always remain a dump.

  7. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s post! I heard the pictures are TERRIBLE! 😩😂😂😂👍👍 keep her beauty on display for all the world to see Please.

  8. She’s so smug! She walks around city hall like she can do no wrong! I’m so glad someone is finally exposing her. She is totally in bed with the other 3 Haitian ladies on the Adjustment Board. They have a scam to allow BS businesses to continue to infiltrate North Miami so it remains the trash can of south Florida. I work for the city.

  9. I live RIGHT next to the proposed funeral home in 134th and West Dixie and I went to the hearing. This cunt lied and said the building has been vanacant for years when it’s only been vacant a few months as a way to justify her corruption. She even equated funeral homes to art galleries and vet clinics. What a dummy!

  10. North Miami employees spread this around yesterday and we unconvered major dirt that we want to share. DM the adjustment board admins. You will have dirt for days

    1. She and Magloire-Fenelon, Phillips and smith joseph (or whatever the mayors name is) need to pay fir their Corruption

  11. Thank you! It’s so good to expose people like her. There are way too many funeral homes in North Miami!

    1. I home value has been nothing but a client since this woman’s been in office nothing but funeral homes

  12. It should be a crime to violate election and campaign laws, then not pay fines. I cannot believe this woman was appointed by the mayor. A real candidate would have to disclose their wrong doings but she feels like she can do anything because she hasn’t faced any consequences. I will do anything I can to help expose this corruption. It’s time to turn NOMI around.

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