Mary C. Estime Irvin Of North Miami Hides Campaign Contributions, Says The F.E.C.

Guilty as charged? Probably. Two months ago in June 2018, the Florida Elections Committee found probable cause after an exhastive investigation and court proceeding that Mary C. Estime-Irvin  violated state election laws during her run for State Representative of District 107, in the 2016 primary election. And boy was she a naughty naughty candidate.


“Hi! I’m Mary C. Estime Irvin. I work for the City of North Miami and really enjoy messing it up. My dream is that this City will become the Hair Salon Funeral Home Capital of South Florida. Also, I prefer not to pay my taxes, and I do not like following campaign and election laws.”

So what is she accused of doing? First, she named herself as the treasurer of her own campaign. Then, when the 2016 primary was over, she failed to disclose the funds that remained in her account; retaining a large amount of the proceeds for herself and not disclosing it (a big no no under Florida’s campaign elections laws). Still not satisfied with that windfall, the committee believes she also lied about the amount and sources of campaign contributions she received in the F.E.C. disclosures during her bid for State Representative.

Remember, this is all coming from someone that does not pay their taxes, and has a $77,000 tax lien on their home. We need to seriously ask ourselves why does Mary Estime-Irvin hold such a high position with the City of North Miami? She does not know how to manage her finances, she’s doesn’t pay taxes, and she has been caught red handed unlawfully getting money and failing to disclose contributions that she received and retained.

Mary Estime-Irvin, you have been caught yet again. We will be back tomorrow to reveal more of your dirty secrets. In the meantime, we urge you to (1) stop litering the City of North Miami with funeral homes , hair salons and barber shops, (2) stop accepting money illegally to impact the decisions you make, and (3) pay your taxes.

30 thoughts on “Mary C. Estime Irvin Of North Miami Hides Campaign Contributions, Says The F.E.C.

  1. This article is spot on! I always wonder why there are SO many funeral homes on West Dixie Highway, and why they were allowed to be located literally in the middle of residential neighborhoods and homes. The current funeral she has been paid push a variance for is at the corner of 134th and West Dixie highly, literally right next to a condo building and SEVERAL homes. It’s crazy to think that she is getting away with this scheme to get paid to grant variances for these businesses. She is very sleezy. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s report! #NoVariance #NoBiohazards #StopCorruption

  2. The City of North Miami will remain a dump as long as people like Mary Estime Irvine continue to get away with their scheme to get paid behind closed doors in exchange for variances for funeral homes. Bet she wouldn’t put one in front of her home! We definitely need to continue to expose her. It may be a really low key scheme, but it’s still ILLEGAL!

  3. There are more than 15 funeral homes on West Dixie Highway within a 2.5 mile radius, and now she is pushing for a variance for ANOTHER funeral home on 134th and the funeral director paid her off. Expose her! She is such a corrupt woman!

  4. So I hear the reason she is being paid to push funeral home is because (1) corrupt Mayor Joseph Smith is one of the worst doctors in North Miami and his patients have a high death rate, so (2) he wants to open a funeral home across the street from his medical practice. Mayor Joseph makes money, and Mary Estime Irvine gets paid to push the variance through. Rosaline Phillips and Dana Magloire are also getting paid to push the variance through. They are SO corrupt!

  5. Makes since. I hope you guys get even more dirt on her! She’s doing this right in everyone’s face and isn’t even trying to hide it. It’s sad that Rosaline Phillips is in on it too. But the Dana Magloire is the worst. I know first hand she was paid off to push the funeral home variance through, just like I know for a fact that Estime-Irvine was paid to push it through too.

    1. That’s actually true. I heard the funeral director bragging in creole that “it didn’t matter how many people were against the funeral home for 134th and West Dixie, he had guaranteed that it would go through no matter what.” She is so shady and illegal. Like we really need another funeral home in North Miami. I guess we have no choice because Estime-Irvine, Magloire and Phillips are getting paid off. So much corruption by my people. We can never better ourselves, or neighborhoods or our country if Haitian politicians and business people keep getting away with corruption in plain sight. It’s so despicable and pathetic.

  6. I heard the funeral director director speaking in creole and he said the same thing about the 134th street / West Dixie variance that he was working with Phillips, Magloire and Estime and that the variance was gurabateed “no matter how many people objected” and that he had it “taken care with money.” I work for the City of North Miami.

  7. I work for the City too. This article sadly spot on. This particular variance for 134/West dixie has been fought against hard by the neighbors and I also heard the director brag in creole (thinking I didn’t speak it) that it was a guarantee no mater how many people against it because of money, Magloire, Irvine, and Phillips. Irvine is the ring leader, Magloire is the henchmen and Phillips plays the “nice cop” to make it seem like she cares about the people, then switches up at the last minute to always roll with Irvine and Magloire. There’s a lot of corruption in the city’s unelected government and they really do it in plain sight without blinking an eye.

  8. I at the variance meeting. She actually said (1) she doesn’t care about biohazards, (2) she doesn’t care about how much the funeral home would affect everyone’s property values, (3) she doesn’t care that there are too many funeral homes in the area already, (4) she doesn’t care that it would be an eyesore for the city’s largest intersection, (5) she doesn’t care if it would backlog traffic in the city’s largest intersection and she doesn’t care if none of the neighboring residents do not want it next to their homes. And the most infuriating thing is that she did it with this sung douche bag smile on her face the whole time along with Magloire smirking the entire time too. The one to really see through is Rosaline Phillips. She’s notorious for acting like she cares then flips it at the last minute. She always does that as a way to hide that she’s being paid off. I seethriugh her.

  9. This maybe wishful thinking but if they do the right thing and vote no, would you remove these posts about her?

    1. In the one and a million shot that Magloire, Irvine and Phillips gain a conscious and choose honesty and integrity over money, I guess I could take these posts down. But We will forever be watching.

  10. I’m so glad someone is finally exposing these corrupt people. They have been getting by funeral homes and hair salons to grant variances for years. I once heard someone joke about it that it was the quote “Haitian Politician Shuffle,” and they do it openly and corruptly right in front of everyone’s face and no one does anything about it. How can Estime-Irvine even still hold her position when she has a huge federal tax lien on her house, and is being accused by the FEC of elections fraud? Oh, I remember, it’s because Mayor Joseph Smith is in on the fraud too.

  11. Oh the Mayor is Definitely Corrupt. I know him personally. We are close acquaintances, but I wouldn’t consider him a friend. That being said, he openly brags about how much he’s screwing over residents of North Miami and that where he’s from, it’s “business as usual.” He also loves to brag about how he appoints and supports people he can control (i.e. Estime-Irvine, Phillips and Magloire). Being the mayor is one big joke to him and he thinks of himself as “The Haitian Trump”.

  12. I used to work for the guy that wants the variance for 134/ West Dixie. He’s a VERY sleazy guy. When I worked at Reflections Funeral Home – which he owns, it’s was FILTHY. Like if you think the outside looks bad, you can only imagine what you didn’t see behind closed doors. Anyway, he used to tell me all the time know people, have money to pay them off, and you can do anything you want and never have to work for it. And just so you know, he himself is really gross (bad body odor and hygiene practices).

  13. Finally! I could never figure out why there are SO many Funeral Home and Hair Salons permitted in North Miami. This was a scam in plain sight for years! They are so sleazy! Irvine, Magloire, and Phillips work together to undermine the rest of the adjustment board so that North Miami remains a dump while they profit from granting illegal variances. They thought we wouldn’t notice but this scam has made these ladies a nice chunk of pocket change. It’s a wonder why Estime never paid her taxes.

    1. They don’t even try to hide the fraud. They think they’d never get caught. Magloire and Philips need to be invested just like the FEC is investigating Estime-Irvine for fraud.

  14. Federal tax avoidance, A Funeral Variance Scam, Campain and Election Fraud, where does it end? How can she keep that smug smerk on her face while committing repeated fraud alongside Rosaline Phillips and Dana Magloire? Why isn’t anything being done about this scam! The city of North Miami needs to expose these clowns and their corruption, and definitely needs to expose Mayor Smith Joseph who gives 0 fucks about the city OR its people. He taught Irvine Phillips and Magloire how the scam is run- in plain sight.

  15. I STILL can’t believe that the adjustment board and The Mayor got away with that tree planting scam from two years ago. If you’re not aware, the fraud involved a contractor that the city officials worked with in order to plant hundreds of … wait for it…. not Palm Trees (like every other municipality in South Florida), but cheap ass Oak Trees (that aren’t native to North Miami) and all of which subsequently fell down the following year during Hurricane Irma. The contractor revived HUGE sums of money to plant these hideous trees that weren’t made to withstand the hurricane and in no way beautified the city, all because the Mayor and certain city officials got paid on the back end for giving the contractor the tree contract with the city.

    1. OMG that one infuriated me too! I could NOT believe he got away with that scam! Expose these corrupt North Miami Politicians for what they are!

  16. Is this something the Governor should get involved in? Doesn’t he have the power and authority to suspend corrupt officials? Corruption by North Miami officials is obvious and out of control.

  17. It is up to us to bring these shady dealings to light and hopefully someone will take notice and bring this corruption train to a grinding halt.

  18. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s post. I saw the preview. She will regret the day that she ever got my space ssge.

  19. While I know she won’t care about what any of us have to say, I’m so thankful that you’ve taken the time to point out this issue. These variances appear to only affect a certain group of people, but overall, after they have been accumulated, it affects more and more people and then the city as a whole. She should be ashamed.

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