How to Send a Direct Message After Quitting Facebook

By now, it has become common knowledge that social media can be absolutely devastating to one’s psyche. It can wreck havoc on your self esteem, induce severe anxiety, and cause your life to waste away needlessly while you squander your precious time in an online site that does little to nothing in order to benefit your actual life. So it is no wonder if you, like the millions that have left the site in recent years, are considering leaving the platform as well. Unfortunately, you might also find yourself asking, “How can I stay in contact with someone if I suddenly quit Facebook?” The answer is simple: By using The Incognito Help Line.

If you’ve never heard of it,  The Incognito Help Line is a real, live, third party messaging service that can deliver Facebook messages on your behalf, even if the other person has blocked, or you decide to simply quit using the platform. Simply provide the recipient’s name at check out, and The Incognito Help Line will deliver the message, so you don’t have to.

More often than not, people like to focus on the person giving them the message, instead of the message itself. So why not take yourself out of the equation and let The Incognito Help Line send Facebook messages on your behalf, so you can finally get off Facebook? Try It Today!