How Can I Send Someone A Message If They Blocked Me?

We all can have valid reasons for wanting or needing to block someone, but still may feel the urge to reach out and send them a message. Maybe you need to have the final word on something, and don’t want to give them a chance to respond. Or perhaps you’re worried you will keep the conversation going to see if they reply to your message.

You can use The Incognito Help Line to contact someone, even if they’ve blocked you!

Whatever your concerns are, you can put an end to them right now by using The Incognito Help Line to contact someone, even after they’ve blocked you!

If you’ve never heard of the service, The Incognito Help Line is an anonymous messaging service that will deliver any message to anyone on your behalf; so it won’t be traced back to you!

So whether you want to send one final text message voicemail, or email to someone you’ve blocked, or to someone that has blocked you, have The Incognito Help Line send the message, so you don’t have to. Try it today!