Mary Estime-Irvin Helps The City of North Miami Become The Funeral Home Capital of South Florida

This is not a woman who needs to be in a position to make decisions on behalf of the residents of North Miami. This selfie loving criminal has been rumored to be running a “variance” scam whereby local business owners and developers pay her to allow strange things in strange locations.

Mary Estime Irvin, alongside Rosaline Phillips and Dana Magloire-Fenelon have continuously authorized funeral homes directly adjacent to residential homes, without regard to (and this is a direct quote) “biohazards” and how they might affect local residents. It seems she is truly enjoying turning North Miami Into the Hair Salon Funeral Home Capital of South Florida. It’s not enough that there are already 10 funeral homes within a 2 miles radius of each other, she is now actively clamoring to approve a variance to permit an 11th funeral home located directly next to homes and private condominiums at one of the busiest intersections in North Miami. She even be-smirkingly overlooks the very real fact that this variance will create a major backlog of traffic at the intersection of 135th and West Dixie Hwy (as her other more conscientious colleagues repeatedly pointed out).

Between spending her time displaying her beauty for all of MySpace and taking countless selfies, she must have forgotten to pay her taxes and FEC fines for election fraud, and serve her constituents and city. But what more can be expected of someone who openly stated that she wouldn’t consider the impact this variance would have on homeowners’ property values when deciding to endorse it. It seems that some people will forever have a weird affinity for funeral homes, rather than helping homeowners they were appointed to serve.

2 thoughts on “Mary Estime-Irvin Helps The City of North Miami Become The Funeral Home Capital of South Florida

  1. She really seems to be enjoying herself while turning North Miami into the armpit of South Florida, all while profiting from doing so.

  2. Her actions are criminal. She is a criminal. Mary Estime-Irvin gets paid by shady business owners to allow them to function where they otherwise wouldn’t be allowed to. No other municipality that surrounds North Miami looks as terrible as this city because they don’t have to fight the corruption of Magloire-Fenelon, Mayor Smith Joseph and Mary Estime-Irvin, who always vote against the interests of the good people of North Miami. I’m so sick of the endless stream of Dirty Strip Malls littered with Funeral Home, Hair Salon, and Nasty Restaurants that are always getting shut down by health inspection.

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