Mary Estime-Irvin v. The City of North Miami

Mary C Estime-Irvin hates you and everyone else in North Miami. She is rumored to be flush with cash from illegal contributions she receives to grant unlawful variances and other shady business practices, but refuses to pay her taxes. Don’t believe me? As recently as April of last year a $77,000 Federal Tax Lien was placed on her house. Is this someone that we need planning the City of North Miami? If she can’t even pay her own taxes, how on earth can she responsibly manage the city’s?


Hi, I’m Mary Estime Irvine of the City of North Miami Board of Adjustment! I don’t pay my taxes, I don’t care about bio-hazards, and I will secretly get paid to authorize funeral homes and crematoriums in residential neighborhoods!

This smug faced sleaze ball said as recently as yesterday, that she “doesn’t have to worry about biohazards” when considering whether to LITERALLY ALLOW A FUNERAL HOME TO BE PLACED IN FRONT OF RESIDENTIAL HOMES! Never mind the fact that west dixie highway already looks like the las vegas strip of  funeral homes in Miami, she is perfectly willing to allow another one at the corner of the busiest intersection that is the welcoming boundary of the City of North Miami.

And it doesn’t stop there. This know nothing isn’t just willing to bring any old type of funeral home. She wants to welcome a funeral home that caters to “low income families.” She equally appears to be unconcerned with the potential gang violence that her funeral director buddy plans on catering to.


“Please help me! I need a dentist and a conscious.”

Whats even more disgusting is that the gentleman behind the proposed funeral home coming to a residential neighborhood near you, owns another funeral home called “Reflections Funeral Home” near 79th street. The place is so disgusting that it is not even fit for the corpses it carries. It is the epitome of an eyesore. This vile disgusting rat needs to crawl back under the caskets he carries. And his so called assistant, Arnelle Simons, needs to wipe that same smug look off her face that Mary C Estime-Irvin tends to espouse and understand that WE, THE CITIZENS OF NORTH MIAMI, DO NOT WANT REFLECTIONS FUNERAL HOME TO BE OUR NEIGHBORS. BOTH REFLECTIONS AND MARY ESTIME-IRVIN ARE NO LONGER WELCOME IN OUR CITY.

One thought on “Mary Estime-Irvin v. The City of North Miami

  1. I couldn’t believe the Gaul of Estime, Magloire and Rosaline Phillips. They’re so corrupt. An idiot could tell you not to put a funeral Home next to someone’s home!!!!! They’re so smug and corrupt. Glad someone’s finally exposing them. It’s no wonder north Miami looks like the Hair Salon Funeral Home Capital of the world!

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