In the age of Covid-19, where jobs have become less available and “profit over people” becoming par for the course, there are times when we start to feel the need to make our health and safety a priority over the demands of our boss. Many employees are simply too afraid to report unsafe working conditions for fear of retribution, or otherwise losing their job. Yet sometimes a situation is getting so out of hand you must do something to report the risk that many employers are asking their employees to undertake. To do so, however, you will need to be careful. Your company is more powerful than you. They have more resources than you. So be forewarned that your employer won’t spare any expense in trying to determine if the source of negative information came from one its very own employees.

You must act smarter than them when volunteering information that could destroy their credibility with customers, peers or the public. If the boss has no sense of humor or is very sensitive to embarrassment besides becoming irritable, you could find yourself fired over the smallest thing or transferred to a job no one wants.

So stop the panic and avoid all this with The Incognito Help Line! If you’re unfamiliar with the service The Incognito Help Line will notify anyone you want that your job has become an unsafe work environment, and it will never, ever, ever be traced back to you.

For additional information or to shop for services visit The Incognito Help Line and take back control of your life and work environment.