How to Find Out What Someone Wants for a Birthday, Christmas or Anniversary Gift

Isn’t it the worst when you get someone a gift they don’t like? (Even more-so if you do it often). I’m sure you’ve tried it before. You’ve casually asked questions to determine if he or she owns something. Or you’ve this approach- “I saw this really cool item on the Internet and since I know you like these things I was wondering what you thought of it.” Then when you give it to them, they say “Oh that’s not really for me but thanks anyway.” Its crushing.

So avoid the mistake and never let it happen again. The easiest way to find out what someone wants for their birthday is the anonymous message inquiry service offered by The Incognito Help Line. We will call and find out some of the things they like to do and places they like to go. We can ask what they received in the past that they really liked. We can also think of gifts in terms of affordability, so you don’t ending up sounding like a cheapskate or end up in a position of specifically asking what he or she wants only to find out you can’t afford it.

Prices start at just 99¢. For more ideas & help visit or click here to request a message now.