How Can I Call Someone Anonymously Without Being Able To Be Traced?

speak phone

Perhaps you want to tell someone his or her spouse is cheating on them. Or maybe you need to inform someone that their selfie is extremely unflattering. Or perhaps you need to tell someone to get tested because they gave you something, but don’t want to be falsely accused of being the wrongdoer. Whatever the message, there are many reasons you might want to contact someone anonymously.

So when a text or email just won’t do, often a call is the next best thing to speaking to someone in person. That’s why The Incognito Help Line’s phone message delivery service is the best way to anonymously deliver a message with confidence that it will be received and never be traced back to you. Simply provide the recipient’s name, phone number and best times to call, and we’ll relay the message. It’s quick, easy, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Try it today!

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