How Can I Out My Boss’ Secrets Without It Being Traced Back to Me?

Does your boss have a dirty little secret that you’re dying to get out? It might first be worth noting the things what not to do before you out your boss.

Do not post or say anything online that you would not be comfortable saying or doing in the office. Avoid posting pictures or evidence of your boss caught in the act.

Do not send a private e-mail or text from the through your own mobile computer or cell phone if you’re accessing the cellular network.

Even if your current employer does not monitor your online life, there’s a good chance that it will be examined the next time you apply for a job.

Whatever discussion is to be made should be done through an anonymous third party service provider like The Incognito Help Line. That makes it much less likely that the company will figure out who told on the head honcho at the expense of you having a good laugh.

Being the boss is hard work (Ha ha ha ha) but extortion is illegal. So instead of trying to blackmail your boss just have fun with whatever information you have and let The Incognito Help Line reveal exactly what you know about the boss to whomever you’d like!

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