How Can I Tell Someone’s Secret Even Though I Promised I Wouldn’t?

Sometimes there are legitimate reasons to reveal someone’s secret. I know, it might not seem like the right thing to do initially, but chances are, if you’re thinking of revealing someone else’s secret, even though you promised you would not, you probably have a legit reason for wanting to do so. Maybe you’re concerned for the safety or embarrassment of another person. Maybe you think someone else is being abused or deceived by this secret. Or perhaps you just need to get it off your chest. Whatever the reason, The Incognito Help Line can help you get the word out without it being traced back to you.


If you’re not familiar with the service, The Incognito Help Line, is an anonymous message delivery service that will personally call and deliver any message to anyone for a very low price. Want to do more than send an anonymous message? The Incognito Help Line can also send an untraceable email, text, tweet or even mail a postcard, in addition to making a call. Simply provide the recipient’s contact information and The Incognito Help Line will deliver any message for you that you would like.

At the end of the day, people keeping secrets are often in trouble or feel like they can’t be helped. Ask them if you can help and then support them in whatever way they need. Earning someone’s trust isn’t just about how you act towards them, it’s about how you act towards others as well. Even if you’re wonderful to your family or friend, they may be less willing to tell you a secret if they know you’ll tell other people behind their back. So stop the gossip- don’t reveal other people’s secrets, and instead let The Incognito Help Line do it for you.

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