We Can All Use The Incognito Help Line. Now Find Out Why.

Need to ask someone want​ they want for a birthday gift without revealing yourself? Want to know if your crush is single but too embarrassed to ask? Envy someone’s outfit but don’t want to ask where they bought it? Need to ask someone an anonymous question and have a response forwarded to you, try our anonymous inquiry service. For one low price, we will call and ask the recipient of your choice whatever question you’d like and email you their response! It’s quick, easy and painless. How? As usual- “The Incognito Help Line

Want to call someone out on Twitter without revealing your identity? Well now you can with our anonymous
Twitter posting service. You provide the user’s Twitter name and message, and we will take care of the rest, by posting your message and naming the specified recipient in it. Satisfaction guaranteed. Again the same way- “The Incognito Help Line

Quick, easy, reliable, convenient there isn’t much not to love about The Incognito Help Line. That’s why we offer anonymous phone calls, untraceable text and SMS messages, apology services, photo forwarding and anonymous message deliver services, for a convenient low price. Just provide the recipient’s contact information at checkout and The Incognito Help Line will deliver the message on your behalf. It’s that simple. Try It Today!

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