“No One Loves The Messenger That Brings Bad News” – William Shakespeare

Need to Send An Anonymous Message? Try The Incognito Help Line!

At the end of the day, we’ve all faced situations where we we’ve had to hold our tongue:
  • Who can argue with the boss? Even if one has a juicy little secret, it is of no good if an employee cannot spread it around the office and expect not to lose their job. Well, The Incognito Help Line does this without the employee being held responsible for it.
  • A friend may have really bad breath but no one is brave enough to say it outright. You can now let The Incognito Help Line say it for you.
  • A significant other can be hard to part with especially if they have a high temper. The Incognito Help Line becomes the anonymous person who tells them its over, while you’re kept in hiding.
  • For anyone who has given, or been given, an STD and needs to http://www.incognitohelpline.com/products/disclose-an-std, The Incognito Help Line is the perfect solution.
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