The Ultimate Picker Upper: The Benefits of Anonymous Compliments

How often have you found yourself wanting to cheer up a spouse or friend but they were simply being too stubborn to listen. Perhaps you’re dating a girl that thinks she’s fat, even though you love every inch of her. Maybe your best friend thinks they’re too awkward or undateable, when in reality, they’re a great catch! Or maybe you know someone that’s often way too hard on themselves to be able to recognize the forest for the trees. The reasons could go on and on, but now you can find a way to cheer someone- anonymously, with The Incognito Help Line!

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Not familiar with the service? Well, The Incognito Help Line is an anonymous, third party messaging service that will personally deliver any message, to anyone, so that it won’t be traced back to you! Whether you need to send an anonymous message on Facebook, or need to send an anonymous tweet, let The Incognito Help Line help you cheer someone up!

“Why” you might ask? Well compliments aren’t ever taken as seriously when they come from a loved one as opposed to a stranger. Too often they’re taken for granted or simply ignored because the person just thinks your trying to gas up their head. But when someone gets an anonymous message it can really make their day. Remember what it was like to get a note from a secret admirer? Well that’s the same feeling someone gets when they receive an anonymous message from The Incognito Help Line.

Imagine sitting in your office and your secretary brings you an anonymous postcard showering you with compliments. You may not know who it came from, but you know it makes you feel good. That’s why The Incognito Help Line was created; for situations just like this.

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