Let The Incognito Help Line Take the “I” Out of #Ballogize

The silent treatment sucks, but sometimes it’s deserved. So how can you get through to someone that’s not talking to you, or has blocked you from their phone? Through The Incognito Help Line of course!

If you’re not familiar with the service, The Incognito Help Line, is an anonymous message provider that will personally call and deliver any message to anyone with the promise that it will never be traced back to you. This truly is a wonderful way of dealing with a stubborn person- they’ll be forced to listen to the message, instead of focusing on you as the messenger! This can ultimately lead them to self-reflect and take heed in what it is you are trying to get through to them.

1454895757067As the number one professional anonymous messaging service, The Incognito Help Line knows that sometimes its easier to let someone say things for you, (which is whyThe Incognito Help Line was created- for people & situations like this). It’s one thing for a know-it-all to get a random phone call or text when they can’t validate where it comes from, or if it’s meant to be taken seriously or as a joke. But when someone gets a personal phone call or letter from The Incognito Help Line, they know the message is serious and isn’t a joke, and it’s that personal touch that makes all the difference.

So whether you’ve cheated, been a jerk, or just want to get someone back, we’ll do the begging for you, so you don’t have to! Whether we need to bombard them with calls, texts and emails, or send them a photo or unblocked text, we’ll do everything we can to get your apology through to the person you desire. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Click Here to Place an Order Now or for more information visit http://incognitohelpline.com.