Need to Send an Anonymous Tip To Police? We Can Help.

Tipping off the police can be a VERY scary thing. What if you get caught? What if the person you’re snitching on finds out you were the one that told? How can you preserve your anonymity if you have to reveal yourself in order to claim a prize or reward money? With police ineptitude on the rise, isn’t it better to let someone else tip off the police so you don’t have to? Well now you can, thanks to the Incognito Help Line.

If you’re not familiar with the service, The Incognito Help Line, is an anonymous message delivery service that will personally call and deliver any message to anyone for one very low price. (Want to do more than send an anonymous email? The Incognito Help Line can also send an untraceable email, text, tweet or even mail a postcard, in addition to making a call. Simply provide the recipient’s contact information and The Incognito Help Line will deliver your message).


At the end of the day, it’s one thing if someone receives a random email that can’t be validated or tell if it’s meant to be taken seriously or as a joke. But when someone receives an email from The Incognito Help Line, they know it’s serious and isn’t a joke, and it’s that personal, yet professional touch, which makes all the

So whether you know the whereabouts of a missing person, have information that could help law enforcement solve a crime, or simply want to stop the crime wave growing in your neighborhood, The Incognito Help Line is always here to tip off the cops, so you don’t have to. Try it today. Click Here To Place An Order Now or for more ideas visit The Incognito Help Line.