3 Signs of a Shitty Boss & How You Can Deal With Yours


In virtually every business environment, interaction is key to successful day-to-day operations. We interact with clients, co-workers, and our superiors. When we have an exceptional boss or manager, it makes life at work a bit easier. However,  when we have a shitty job, a particularly shitty boss or manager can make life a whole lot worse.

So here’s our list of shitty manager traits, and what you can do about your shitty boss, (without getting caught).

  1. Your Boss Is As Inspiring As Poo Poo

Think there’s nothing worse than the type of boss that screams, “Do this now or you’re
fired”? We’re not surprised; most people would. But even as annoying as that kind of attitude is, the actual No. 1 complaint by the employees about bad bosses was that they failed to inspire others. And as lame as this statistic may sound, colleagues and employees that did the worst in their work environments were those that were repeatedly noted for their passivity and lack of enthusiasm. (This is in fact the most noticeable of all managerial failings, according to the Harvard Business Review).

So can you can do? Use an anonymous messaging service like The Incognito Help Line, to give your boss the very kick in the ass they need to give everyone else to make you and your team a success. For example, use the service to drop them an Anonymous Postcard explaining “I am forced to look for motivation and affirmation elsewhere because you provide none whatsoever.” Or how about an anonymous email that reads “You will start to find support and encouragement from your coworkers when you return the favor.” Also, keep in mind that numerical data and metrics generally paint pretty accurate pictures, so why not consider forwarding them an anonymous picture that charts everyone else’s enthusiasm compared to theirs (or lack thereof). When your boss has no idea who sent the message, they will be forced to start to ask themselves, “I wonder if everyone feels this way about me?”


  1. Your Boss is OK with Doo Doo

A boss who doesn’t reach for better or encourage his or her employees to try and do better is OK with settling for shit. And when you encourage shit, you get colonies full of maggots. They’re the type of boss that says things like, “yeah we’ve been meeting our monthly goals for the past 2 years, let’s keep meeting those goals and… blah, blah, fart.” No new goals are set, no new inspiration is provided, and in turn you see no increase in productivity or profits. In fact, some of the poorest leaders never stretch goals, neither for themselves, nor for their team, which in turn, encourages mediocrity and poor performance that can reflect upon you as an individual employee.

So what you can do? Use a third party intermediary like The Incognito Help Line to tell your boss they make you feel like shit because they expect shit from you and everyone on your teams. For example, use the service to drop them an Anonymous Letter on incognito letterhead advising  them: “When you think you’re ripe, you’re rotting. But, when you think you’re green, you’re ripening.” Or you could send an anonymous email advising your boss that “no matter how skilled you are at something, you always have more to learn. The moment you forget that, you are asking for trouble, because without something to look forward to, people can easily lose interest in what they’re doing… And believe me, we’ve all lost interest in this shit.” That should get your boss to reconsider their attitude and shift their outlook, which can help lead you to more personal growth and success in the workplace.

  1. Your Boss Acts Like A Turd

Saying one thing and doing another is one of the quickest ways to lose the trust of all your colleagues. In this regard, the worst bosses pose an even wider threat as dangerous role models that encourage other degenerates to behave as they do. Not only do they focus primarily on themselves, they are poor coaches and mentors, as their focus is on how Turdy upper management views them, as opposed to the successes and futures of those on their team. (Not a good look for you personally).


So what can you do? Let The Incognito Help Line anonymously tell your boss he’s a Turd, so you don’t have to! Only maybe then will they get the message that their shit stinks just like everybody else’s, and theirs’ is perhaps the worst in the office.

At the end of the day, the worst leaders are the one’s that stink. So it’s better to let them have it by using a third party service like The Incognito Help Line, to tell your boss how shitty they are, without getting fired.

Click here to contact your boss anonymously today, or to find out more visit www.IncognitoHelpLine.com.

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