How to Tell Someone Something Without Getting Caught


Ever have a dirty little secret you were dying to tell someone but were certain it would be traced back to you? Did you ever want to tell your boss something that the entire office was thinking, but didn’t want to get caught? Perhaps you needed to tell someone to get tested for an STD, but didn’t want to fear for your life. If so, then The Incognito Help Line is the very service you need.

The Incognito Help Line is the world’s first personalized messaging service that delivers completely untraceable messages on behalf of its customers. You can opt for an anonymous phone call, email, tweet, text or anonymous question with return response, with the added addition of a prayer, motivational message suggestion or advice. Best of all, any message sent by the company is kept anonymous, so you can say the things you want, without getting caught.

Unlike other private messaging services, The Incognito Help Line seeks to add validity to every message that is sent by giving it the backing of a reputable service. It’s one thing if you get a random phone call or text and can’t validate where it came from or if it’s meant to be a joke. But when someone gets a message from The Incognito Help Line, they know the message is serious and isn’t a joke.”

“We all know ignorance isn’t bliss. So let The Incognito Help Line be the bearer of bad news, because as William Shakespeare once said, ‘No one loves the messenger that brings bad news.’”





At the end of the day, we’ve all faced situations where we we’ve had to hold our tongue:

  • Who can argue with the boss? Even if one has a juicy little secret, it is of no good if an employee cannot spread it around the office and expect not to lose their job. Well The Incognito Help Line does this without the employee being held responsible for it.
  • A friend may have really bad breath but no one is brave enough say it outright. Well let The Incognito Help Line know and they ‘ll say it for you.
  • A fiancé can be hard to part with especially if they have a high temper; The Incognito Help Line becomes the anonymous person who says it to them while the fiancé is kept in hiding.
  • For anyone who has given an STD to someone and needs to tell him or her to get tested, The Incognito Help Lineis perfect for them too.

As the preferred alternative when it comes to professional anonymous messaging, The Incognito Help Line knows that sometimes its easier to let someone say things for you, which is why the service was created; so people would start to say the things they need to say, but don’t want to for fear of getting caught.

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