What’s The Best Way To Expose A Cheater?

It really sucks to know that someone close to you is being cheated on. Unfortunately, a lot of people who learn they are being cheated on from a close family member or friend love to shoot the messenger, instead of just listening to the message. They scream, deny, or blame the person for trying to destroy their façade of a relationship. Others are simply too embarrassed to maintain a relationship with someone that knows their terrible secret. So what’s the best way to expose a cheater? Anonymously of course, by using a third party intermediary service like The Incognito Help Line.

If you’re not familiar with the service, The Incognito Help Line is an Anonymous Messaging service that will deliver any message on your behalf via email, Facebook, text/SMS, Twitter, or personally, so it will not be traced back to you. So whether you want to send photos of the affair to a friend, or tell a family member that they need to consider a breakup or divorce, The Incognito Help Line will let them know, without ever revealing your identity.

Expose A Cheater Anonymously
What’s the best way to expose a cheater? Anonymously, of course,  by using a third party intermediary service like The Incognito Help Line.

At the end of the day, it’s always better to use a third party service to deliver the news, while you lay waiting to in the wings to console the one you love. It’s professional, quick and easy, so try it today!

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And remember, if cheating is not such a terrible thing to do, it’s not so terrible to bring it to the light.