How To Tell A Woman She Smells Unpleasant “Down There”

Telling a woman she smells “down there” can be a daunting and uncomfortable thing to do. You don’t exactly want to end your relationship with her, but you really want her to rectify the situation. Maybe she needs to take more showers, change her birth control, change her diet, or perhaps she’s completely unaware of the odor. Either way, she needs to be told. But how?

The truth is, it’s best to tell her anonymously so it doesn’t affect your relationship.

Services like The Incognito Help Line are perfect for this situation. They will anonymously text, call or email her to advise her of the odor, so you don’t have to do it!

Image result for mohammed says danielle smells meme
Mohammed Could Have Ended The Suffering Simply By Using The Incognito Help Line to Tell Daniel She Smells Down There

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