My Friend’s Girlfriend Is Secretly Being A Webcam Model. How Can I Tell Him?

Finding out that your boy’s girl is a webcam model can really suck if has no idea about it. Maybe he will be embarrassed and not want to talk to you because he knows you know. Perhaps he is worried you are lying to break them up. Or maybe he genuinely has no idea and would be mortified if he found out. There are a lot of ways telling your friend might affect your friendship, but that being said, you are still encouraged to tell him because he has a right to know what’s going on behind his back.

So why not use The Incognito Help Line  to tell him, so you don’t have to?

If you’re not familiar with the service, The Incognito Help Line is an anonymous messaging service that will personally deliver any message to anyone on your behalf. Simply provide their contact information,and The Incognito Help Line will take care of the rest by delivering your message along with any evidence you wish to share. 

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The Incognito Help Line can also send anonymous emails, untraceable texts, or even mail a postcard, in addition to making personal calls delivered by an actual person. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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