The Danger of Keeping Secrets

“You’re only as sick as your secrets” goes a saying in Alcoholics Anonymous, and they may very well be right. Though not all truths need to be shared with everyone—or even anyone—to maintain a healthy and happy life, concealing some truths is like swallowing a slow-acting poison: one’s insides gradually rot. Deciding not to reveal […]

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How to Send Untraceable Messages

There are many reasons someone might want to send an untraceable message. Although some people’s intentions can be wicked, there can also be legitimate reasons for wanting to remain anonymous in a text. At first glance, it might seem pretty easy to send an untraceable message, but in reality, there is no foolproof way to […]

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How Can We Help You Today?

If you’re still not familiar with the service, The Incognito Help Line delivers completely untraceable messages, so people can start to say the things they don’t want to say out-loud. For example, if someone tests positive for an STD, we’ll tell their partner (or partners) to get tested, so they don’t have to tell them. If you know your […]

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Should I Tell My Son In Law to Leave My Daughter and Take Custody of Their Kids?

Whether it’s rampant infidelity or incessant drug use, there are certain situations where it may be necessary to step in and tell your son-in-law that your daughter doesn’t necessarily have his, or his kids’ best interest at heart. Though as obvious as the situation might be, this is still a very difficult thing to do, […]

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