How to Tell Your Co-Worker To Dress More Appropriate for Work or the Office

vintage-secretary22ndaugGenerally, style is very important when you’re at work. If one’s attire is sloppy it can ruin an entire career before it even starts. Too tight or too loose clothing can put forth a bad impression. The clothes you are wearing for work should be well fitting, clean and well-ironed. Yet even with these simple rules, many people, and often close co-workers, will get it wrong.

We all know that feeling when we love a co-worker very much and want them to progress upward in their career, but we know that he or she will get offended if we tell them about their unacceptable attire.

I bet you can see the scenario unfold before it even happens… You take them out for coffee and say, “Hey, I think this professional look thing is something you’re struggling with and I don’t know if you realize it’s something that will affect how you’re perceived, but I think you have tons of potential but your attire is holding you back.” Then the next thing you know that very same cup of coffee you bought is now being thrown in your face!

So why not avoid being drenched in coffee and let The Incognito Help Line give them the message so you don’t have to. We know how to explain the importance of dressing while staying polite, encouraging and uplifting, just like a real friend would. You can even add a suggestion or advice so they’ll have some direction about what to do next. You have the option of sending an anonymous email, postcard or text to work or home, and we can even make a phone call we guarantee they’ll receive. Try it today!

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