How to Tell Your Wife or Girlfriend You Don’t Like Her Perfume

The most important thing in a relationship is to be open about things with each other. So how can you tell your wife or girlfriend that you don’t like her perfume? You have several options.

Option #1: Straightforward, Effective & Might Get You Slappedvintage-woman-black-and-white-hand-over-mouth-shock-surprise

You could start by telling her a particular scent doesn’t smell very good. You could say something like “Whoa! That perfume stinks,” or start having a coughing attack the next time she wears it, and when she asks what’s wrong tell her that you think its her perfume, and be like “Its really strong! Go wash it off!”

Option #2: The Gentler Yet Costly Approach

Another option would be to just buy another bottle of perfume that you like and give it to her. Say “Oh hey I bought this new perfume for you. It smells amazing. Much better than that crap perfume you’re wearing now!” Buy her a perfume that you like & give it to her. Tell her that when you smelled it, it reminded you of her. Just go and buy her a perfume you would like her to wear and give it to her as a present or take her to shopping and let her pick her own new scent but make sure you go with her so you end up having her smell like something you actually don’t mind on her. Take her into a store known for great fragrances and treat her, so that instead of saying it stinks or you don’t like it, which that may hurt her feelings, just buy one or a few as gifts and tell her you love when she wears scents like this.

Option #3: Quick, Easy & Affordable

If you don’t want to run the risk of getting slapped or breaking the bank, there is a better option. Through The Incognito Help Line, you can send her an anonymous email, postcard or text to her job or home for one convenient low price, and the best part is, she won’t even know who sent it! Think email or text is too impersonal, why not make a phone call we guarantee she’ll receive.

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