How to Secretly Find Out Where Someone Got Their Outfit Without Them Knowing It Was You

gossip girl talking on vintage phoneHave you ever seen clothes or shoes you thought were cool but you didn’t want to ask the person wearing it where they got it?

Sure you could call your rival and ask him/her to go buy cute clothes with you. (Presumably of the same sex because you will be going to each other’s dressing rooms later if they agree). Yet if he or she does not agree keep reading. In a case where your friend does not agree, just call another friend until one finally agrees to come! Still no luck? It’s okay take your mom.

Ultimately, if all that fails, guess what? Now there’s a way to know without having to ask! That’s right, you can actually learn where your fashionista rival shops without having to flatter them by asking their dirty little secret with The Incognito Help Line!

With our anonymous message inquiry service, we will call your fashion nemesis, describe the outfit, ask where they got it and email you their response. So the next time you’re wasting time and money painfully searching for the outfit you saw your enemy wearing remember that a quick and anonymous phone call can be priceless.

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