How to Tell Someone to Leave You Alone or That You’re Not Interested

Hints don’t work unless someone is asking for one, so you need to be clear. Don’t crush them when you tell them. No need to be stern or blunt, just polite and to the point. It’s possible to be nice when saying you’re not interested in a person. You just need to make sure the message gets across. Don’t apologize. All that does is give him a sense of hope that you’ll come around and that you have feelings of possible guilt or regret for telling him that you aren’t interested. You could also try little tricks so that they get the hint. (For example, make yourself unattractive to them so that they will leave you alone and try to hint that you don’t want to spend time with them).Couple_Breaking_Up_-_Breaker-e1358455083849

Of course, too often needy people get anti-social, self-destructive, and sometimes violent when confronted about uncomfortable personal issues that are unpleasant. Other times, you need to change your number but still want to let them know you don’t wish to be contacted anymore. So if you don’t have the means or the heart to tell them to their face you, let The Incognito Help Line tell them so you don’t have to.

Remember, if someone is so unstable emotionally that they cannot handle being turned down by you, they are clearly in need of help, and it is not your fault. So let the Incognito Help Line do your dirty work! Prices start at just 99¢. For more ideas & help visit or CLICK HERE to request a message now.