How to Tell Someone They Need To Wear Deodorant

It takes a lot of balls to tell someone they stink. So perhaps the best way to tell someone they need to wear deodorant is through The Incognito Help Line. Why? Because it’s anonymous and you’re probably not the first to notice.

Otherwise, if you don’t care about offending the person, you can say something like, “I have noticed the smell of this offensive odor and I’m concerned that it is having an impact on your ability to interact with other human beings.”deodorant-at-party

Or you could say, “Do you need to borrow any deodorant? I have a lot. “ Hahaha. “You seem to sweat a lot and I might suggest to you deodorant.” If they turn you down, don’t stress. They will figure it out someday.

You also could ask what kind of deodorant they use and if they say “I don’t use any ,” then you reply “You stanky.”

At the end of the day, you never know if the person has a medical condition that makes them unable to smell their own odor the way others can. So to avoid drama and embarrassment, just send them an anonymous message through The Incognito Help Line. Your nose will thank you later.

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