How To Reveal A Secret To a Friend or Family Member Without Them Knowing That It’s You

Before it even makes sense to think about whether to reveal something, you first need to determine if it’s secret or just private information. Thus we need to ask ourselves, Does my partner, spouse, best friend, coworker, family member, etc., really expect me to reveal this kind of information? You’ll need to decide if the other person is up to the task of receiving and responding well to your secret. This means that he or she needs to be discreet, nonjudgmental, and non-rejecting as a confidant before you would consider telling him or her.

Some Secrets Need to Be Revealed, So It's Best To Use The Incognito Help Line To Avoid Detection.
Some Secrets Need to Be Revealed, So It’s Best To Use The Incognito Help Line To Avoid Detection.

Every situation is unique. One set of people may think your secret is a good joke, while another group may be offended that you kept such a secret from them. So if after consideration of the above factors, you still think it’s necessary that they know, you need to find a way to tell them without it coming back to you. To avoid all the above confusions of getting caught or having it traced back to you, The Incognito Help Line can be very helpful in such cases. Your secret can be delivered with kindness, and the best part is, no one will ever know it’s you sending the message! Not your spouse. Not your boss. No one. It’s that easy. For more ideas & help visit or CLICK HERE to shop for services now!