Giving Someone Your Opinion Of Them Even Though They Never Asked

Sometimes in life you may find yourself in a position of wanting to help a friend or loved one, and your desire to try and “fix” them can turn even the best intentions into an awful situation. For the most part, people deserve to be happy. They want to live a life free of the expectations of others and think that the more they approve of their own decisions in life, the less approval they’ll need from everyone else. In reality, however, this is just not true in the real where there are real expectations that affect ones ability to succeed. As such, you may find yourself wanting to give someone your opinion for their own good. Unfortunately, the person might get very furious if you go on & on & on without them ever asking for your opinion in the first place.

"What Do You Say We Use The Incognito Help Line To Tell Her Never To Wear That Again?"
“What Do You Say We Use The Incognito Help Line To Tell Her Never To Wear That Again? It Would Be For Her Own Good.”

So how can you tell someone your opinion of them without risking their severe backlash? By using The Incognito Help Line to anonymously give them your opinion! Once your opinion is personally delivered to them, (with kindness of course J) you can be there to support them and help them process what they just heard. It’s a real win-win situation for everyone. Try it today!

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