When A Personal Touch Is Sometimes Necessary, Especially In Times of Anger

In today’s technologically advanced society, it’s so much easier to fire off a text or an email instead of making an appointment in person, writing a carefully thought-out letter, or even picking up the phone that more of us are allowing technology to replace elements of truly personal relationships. In many instances it’s highly convenient and efficient to send someone a quick text and receive a reply in seconds. But unless we’re careful, these messages threaten to replace the necessity of personally discussing more serious issues & here is the place where personal touch comes into place and is very important.

Personal TouchhWhen it comes to anger or annoyance, a personal touch is almost always preferred to technology. But what about those situations where you want to say something personal, but don’t feel like dealing with the person’s attitude, opinions or backlash? For example, maybe your spouse’s favorite shoes smell really bad and need to be trashed, but they only think it’s your opinion and they get annoyed every time you say something. In that case shouldn’t they be told this by someone else?  Well that’s where The Incognito Help Line comes into play- to deliver any message personally, yet anonymously, so nothing is traced back to you.

It’s one thing if you get a random phone call or text and can’t validate where it came from or if it’s meant to be a joke. But when you get a personal phone call or letter from The Incognito Help Line, you know the message is serious and isn’t a joke; and it’s that personal touch that makes all the difference. As the preferred alternative when it comes to professional anonymous messaging, The Incognito Help Line knows that sometimes its easier to let someone say things for you, which is why The Incognito Help Line was created; so people would start to say the things they need to say.

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