How Do I Tell Someone I Think They Gave Me An STD?

Too often people are afraid to tell someone that they might have given them an STD for fear of how the other person will react. Even worse, they fear being blamed when it was actually the other person that gave them something! With all the stigma associated with revealing to someone that they you think they gave you something, people too often choose to be silent instead of keeping their sexual partners informed that they may be spreading diseases.

You have to find a way to tell the truth, and as soon as possible. Yes it will be horrible and very painful, but other people’s health takes priority over your feelings of being afraid. This is the most important factor, and any consequences will have to be swallowed without protest.

Now don’t fret, we never said you had to be the one to say something. (Who feels like being berated and yelled at when they know they weren’t the carrier when you first had sex). Just use The Incognito Help Line to tell them they need to get tested, even if it’s the last message you ever give them. The Incognito Help Line will personally call and tell them the situation without ever tracing it back to you.

"Are you sure YOU didn't Give ME an STD?"
“Are you sure YOU didn’t Give It To Me?”

 At the end of the day, many people have sex someone while having an STD without ever knowing it; that is until they’ve given it to someone else who exhibit symptoms. For example, 1 in 4 has herpes and a larger percentage will rarely if ever exhibit symptoms. People can go years living undiagnosed with HPV or HIV, and never know it. So don’t be too hard on yourself. Many times there is an explanation, so make sure they get the message instead of focusing on you being the messenger, and let The Incognito Help Line tell them so you can move on and focus on yourself.

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