Getting Over Being Offended & Dealing With Obnoxious Know-It-Alls

Most obnoxious people are offensive, and the worst part is they usually don’t care who they offend. It can be just that simple. Well, The Incognito Help Line helps in such situations by allowing an offended person to contact whoever offended you and give them a piece of your mind without giving them the chance to reply.

In order to come up with the best rebuttal to an offensive comment, you’ll first need to calm down, because you can’t think clearly and be witty when you’re emotional. In the heat of the moment, begin by asking yourself these questions: “What am I getting so bent out of shape for? Does this really matter? What’s the big deal?” Reason with yourself: “Did he or she really mean it the way I was just about to take it? Is he or she truly actually trying to hurt me? Well, then, what is he really trying to say?” Accept the fact that the person who is the potential offender has as much right to his opinion as you do to yours. Then plan your rebuttal.



Words are powerful so use your words. What can words do? They certainly can’t break bones, but they hurt and be powerful. Once you’ve determined what you want to say, use The Incognito Help Line to deliver your message. It’s a wonderful option because (a) they can’t argue back with you and (b) you will be certain they received the message, and can only be left to ponder it, instead of arguing or further offending you. This will also have the added benefit of forcing the person to be less offensive to others.

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