How To Get Through To Someone That Is Not Talking To You

Silence is not okay. It’s rude and disrespectful. Whatever the reason the person is not currently speaking to you, you raise your chances of having a positive interaction if you greet the other person with a smile and a kind word. It has been shown that people tend to mirror each other, so starting with an appropriate compliment and a smile will likely put the other person at ease, even if they’re furious with you, and then launch into your message.

If they still choose to give you the cold shoulder, be clear that’s not okay for you and protect yourself by setting a limit. Do not give any mixed messages. A mixed message would be telling them it’s not okay and then falling over yourself to try to get them to talk to you. Don’t try to coax them into speaking by endlessly apologizing or being ultra-kind. You deserve to be treated well—silence is not being treated well. Don’t settle for it and don’t be rude yourself in response. Couple Fighting

If that still doesn’t work and they walk away, or they literally refuse to meet with you in the first place, or talk to you, or answer your calls, just let The Incognito Help Line deliver your message so you can move on with your life. They’ll send a postcard, text, email, or personally call the person that’s not talking to you over and over until they pick up, and then say the things they won’t let you tell them. Oh, and the best part is, the person will know you’re serious and that the message isn’t a joke because it’s certified by The Incognito Help Line.

So whether you want to find out if your ex is single, need to tell someone off, or if you’re simply hell bent on having the last word (which is OK), The Incognito Help Line will deliver your message with confidence it will be received.

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