I Made Out With My Crush & Don’t Know What To Do!

The first thing you should do is find out if they’re available and interested in a relationship. Unfortunately that can be very embarrassing if the answer is no. So it’s best to use The Incognito Help Line– they’ll call your crush for you and find if they’re open to dating, or if they just want a casual thing. If your crush tells The Incognito Help Line that they are single and interested in dating, then you’ve gotten passed your first hurdle.

The next thing you’ve really got to do is make yourself the kind of person that your crush will continue to notice and want to be around! This is the best way to get and keep your crush’s attention. Get up off the couch and start doing things with your life! This will give you something to be proud about, something to talk about, and show others the full, complex person that you are. No one wants to deal with someone who’s always complaining or who constantly says bad things 2f8894edf97fea11ce6b7d40c20b2974about other people. Instead of only seeing the bad things in life, bring out the good in everything and everyone around you. Find the positive spin or lessons to be learned from bad situations. Your crush will notice and feel much better about your positive personality. No one wants to date someone who might say bad things about them or be mean to them. Show your crush that that’s not you by being nice, not only to them but to everyone around you. Help people, always have a kind word for someone who needs one, compliment people, and find other ways to be nice too.

Take care of your body. This shows that you care about and value yourself, showing others that you are worth caring about and valuing. Wear clean clothes with no holes or stains, wash your hair and body regularly, take good care of your skin and exercise as much as you can.

Follow these few simple tips and you’ll be off with your crush in a flash.

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