Help! I Am Afraid of Rejection and Think My Crush Might Be Too.

Whether you’re a guy trying to pick up a hot girl, or a girl trying to get a hot guy to pick you up, rejection is a normal part of life. Unfortunately not everyone gets used to.

Some people are genuinely afraid of rejection and will never let you know whether they like you; forcing you to speculate about their true feelings. When this happens you’ll need to look at their body language to determine if they might be interested: Do they bump into you slightly just to be able to touch you? Do they sit beside you even though there are many other choices, and maybe inching closer to you a little over time? Are they the first to notice when you are sad or upset because they pay a lot of attention to you? Perhaps they say “Hi” occasionally, but sound really shy about it? (It takes a lot of courage) Do they blush when you talk to them or touch them? Do they stare at you (not just into space or at the wall behind you, but actually at you)? Do they turn away when they notice you’re looking at them, even though they were staring at you? Do they ask you for help on things that they already know the answer to, just to get you to talk to them? Do they do things to make you notice them, like talk louder when your near? Do they try to get you to notice them with awkward antics? Do they stare at you and then smile or make a funny face when you notice?

Help! I'm Shy But Have a Crush

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is possible that the object of your affection is just as afraid of rejection as you are! Recognize that shyness affects how people behave.These people aren’t going to be open to you and admit they like you immediately. These are the kind of girls/guys who occasionally make small talk with you or you catch them looking at you once in a while. It’s rare, but it happens. Look out for signs they like you. 

A shy or awkward person might show you they like you but then leave it up to you to make the first move, so once you’ve decided to do so, avoid any concern that you might be rejected and let The Incognito Help Line make the first move for you! The Incognito Help Line will send you’re crush a postcard or personally call them and ask if they are single or if they like someone, and let you know what they say! The nice part about receiving a letter or call from The Incognito Help Line is that the person you’re contacting will know that your inquiry is serious and that it isn’t just a joke, while simultaneously avoiding any possibility that you’ll get embarrassed or rejected and keeping your identity a complete secret! So avoid drama and embarrassment and send an anonymous inquiry through The Incognito Help Line. Your heart and soul will thank you later.

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