Can You Ever Be Anonymous On the Internet?

You are not anonymous. What you say and do on the Internet is being heard loud and clear, by more people than you might ever suspect. If you cannot stand by your own activities and convictions, then perhaps you’ve picked the wrong place to hang your hat. So how anonymous are we, really? If we make every effort to keep our true names off the Internet, if we buy a multitude of security platforms, if we friend-lock every social media site we belong to, things can still be traced back to you. The Internet is not where you hide – it’s where you are found. So what is one to do if they want to contact someone, send an untraceable message or publicly tweet someone else’s secret? Use The Incognito Help Line to avoid getting caught!

The Internet is Watching

If you’re not familiar with the service, The Incognito Help Line, is an anonymous message delivery service that will personally call and deliver any message to anyone on your behalf, via email, text, tweet, phone call or postcard. Simply provide the recipient’s contact information and The Incognito Help Line will deliver any message, so you don’t have. So stop holding your tongue and let The Incognito Help Line do it for you!

At the end of the day, whether current methods of dealing with “the invasion of privacy” issue are right or wrong is an argument that can play out into the ether; it doesn’t change how things will actually function now and going forward when it comes to Internet privacy. So protect your identity now and let The Incognito Help Line do things for you!

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