How To Give Someone Much Needed Unsolicited Advice

When friends have problems that seem incurable and never-ending, you can often sense their hopelessness and want to fix it, which always seems so simple when you’re sitting on the outside. Oftentimes, you’re not sure what to say because you don’t feel qualified to give advice but you feel compelled to say something. When you care about someone and think you know how to improve their situation, it’s tempting to play amateur psychiatrist—especially if you’ve been there before. If you’ve ever been on the couch-end of this scenario, you know it can be frustrating. So why not let The Incognito Helpline give advice  on your behalf, without letting the person know that it is you?!

Anonymous Messaging

“If you propose to speak, always ask yourself, is it true, is it necessary or is it kind?”

If you feel the need to offer unsolicited advice, it’s best to let a third party do it for you. People love to shoot the messenger and often want to argue instead of listening to the advice you have to offer them. But if you want to get through, you can you The Incognito Helpline to get through to them.

Sometimes, you just have to accept the fact that you can’t, at least not instantly, help someone when they’re in a fragile state. That’s okay. Most of the time when someone comes to you, they’re not expecting you to have all the answers or even talk. They just want someone to lend an ear and be by their side through a difficult time.

But when the air is clear, and you’ve given their situation much thought, you can use The Incognito Helpline to give your friend the advice they need, without focusing on where the advice is coming from. At the end of the day, it’s one thing for your friend to get a random phone call or text when they can’t verify where it comes from, or if it’s meant to be taken seriously, or as a joke. But when they get an email, text postcard or personal phone call from The Incognito Help Line, they will know your advice is serious and isn’t a joke, and it’s that personal touch that makes all the difference. Click here to request a message now or for more information visit