Let Us Tell Your Girl Her Hair Stinks!

Have you ever known a woman who whose hair stunk? I mean truly stunk, like a skunk. Maybe she wears a weave too long and it smells like something is growing under a matted tangled mess on her scalp. Maybe she works out incessantly but she can’t smell her own sweat. Or, perhaps she works out, while wearing a weave, and thinks nothing of washing her hair more than once a week. Whatever the reason, she needs to be told about herself. Well that’s often easier said than done. What if she freaks out? What if she denies it? What if she lashes out at you? Or even worse, what if she’s too embarrassed to look you in the face ever again? The list of reasons for wanting to say something but ultimately deciding not to can go on and on, but you don’t have to keep your silence any longer thanks to The Incognito Help Line.

Smelly Hair  Never heard of it? The Incognito Help Line is an anonymous, third party messaging service that will deliver any message to anyone, so that it won’t be traced back to you! Simply provide the recipient’s name at check out, and The Incognito Help Line will tell their hair stinks, looks bad, or both of the above, so you don’t have to.

More often than not, people like to focus on the person giving them the message, instead of the message itself. So why not take yourself out of the equation and let The Incognito Help Line tell your girl she stinks? Try It Today!