Need to Expose a Sneaky Pastor? We Can Help.

It can sometimes be difficult to expose a member of the clergy. Whether a pastor is stealing money from the church or sleeping around with members of the congregation, people have a right to know who they are really placing their trust in.

It’s been known that wolves often disguise themselves in sheep’s clothing. So in order to unveil their true selves, one must be just as sneaky. More often than not, people are blind to the ways of people that hold a position of trust, like pastors and clergy men. So instead of being the one to personally disclose what a pastor or reverend might be doing behind the backs of Church members, why not let The Incognito Help Line do it, so you don’t have to?!

Talking about the pastor

If you’re not familiar with the service, The Incognito Help Line is an anonymous messaging service that allows you to deliver any message, to anyone, without ever identifying the recipient who sent the message. So whether you want to tell the deacon that his wife is a little too close to the pastor, or you’re the church secretary who can’t account for money missing from the church registry that the reverend has access to, The Incognito Help Line is always here to deliver your message to members of the congregation so you don’t have to. Try it today!