How to Tell Someone Their Wig Looks Bad & Isn’t Flattering

It takes a lot of balls to tell someone they have a bad weave. Between the self-serving cocky attitude or delusions of grandeur, some women (and men, for that matter), have no idea just how ridiculous a particular wig looks on them.

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Often times, people love to shoot the messenger, instead of focusing on the message. So while you’re trying to do the right thing by suggesting how a woman might improve her appearance by changing her terrible hair, she’ll be thinking of a comeback the entire time, only to miss the whole point of the conversation. So perhaps the best way to tell someone they need to change their hair is through The Incognito Help Line. Why? Because it’s anonymous and you’re probably not the first to notice.

Considering all the options available, there is simply no excuse for bad weave in this day and age. So if the person is simply clueless, The Incognito Help Line can offer them suggestions about hair stylists or hair shops they should consider because, clearly, their current style isn’t working.

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So avoid drama and embarrassment, and just send them an anonymous message through The Incognito Help Line. Everyone will thank you later.

Click Here to request a message now or For more ideas & help visit

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