How Men Can Help Stop The Spread of HPV, a Leading Cause of Cervical Cancer Amongst Women

Human Papilloma Virus or “HPV”, is a leading cause of cervical cancer amongst women, and can sometimes go undetected in women or lie dormant for years before anyone notices. HPV is very common, and many sexually active people will contract HPV at some point in their lives, and since HPV infections are usually not harmful and do not result in symptoms that men can see, most men never know they have HPV until a female partner learns that they have the virus.

What’s more, most women are not even aware that they are carrying the virus until a doctor or practitioner notifies them that they have HPV induced cervical cancer. Often times, men are dating women when their female partners are informed that they have cervical cancer caused by HPV, or the HPV virus itself, but fail to notify prior female sexual partners that they could have been infected and may be spreading the virus. Due to the fact that men show far less signs, if any, than women with the virus, it is easy for men to continue to spread it without any warning signs that they may be infected.

So what can you do to stop the spread of HPV of or someone you have been sexually active with, contract the virus? First, remain calm and create a list of prior sex partners to inform that you have contracted the virus. If you wish to remain anonymous, services like The Incognito Help Line, will anonymously tell your partner that they may have been exposed and need to get tested immediately, without revealing your identity.

zhpvSecond, if you’re a man, you especially need to get examined if your partner comes up positive for HPV, since there is currently no HPV test recommended for men. If a former female sex partner tests positive, you especially need to inform your previous sex partners or partners, that they also may have been exposed to HPV and need to get tested. By using an anonymous messaging service like The Incognito Help Line, you will be able to tell your partner or partners, that they may have been exposed and need to get tested immediately, without revealing your identity.

At the end of the day, prevention is key, and the key to the prevention of the spread of HPV is testing and honestly telling someone they may have been exposed. For more information about how to anonymously tell someone they my have been exposed to HPV, visit

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