How to Get Through To Someone That Is Being Cheated On & Taken For Granted

There are several ways to tell someone they’re being cheated on, or taken for granted, in a relationship. Unfortunately informing someone may be easier said than done. What if the person you’re telling thinks you’re actually jealous of their relationship, when all you want to do is open their eyes to the reality of what’s being done to them? Or what if they try to turn the situation around and make it seem as though YOU are the one that’s being used and abused, and aren’t in any position to give someone else advise.

Either way, sometimes there is no way to tell someone they are being abused, cheated on, and taken for granted, without remaining anonymous and letting someone else tell them, so you don’t have to.

Through anonymous messaging services like The Incognito Help Line, you can anonymously tell someone they’re being cheated on in the following ways:

  • Anonymous Email: While email is  one of the most effective forms of communication today, it’s unfortunately far from anonymous and unquestionably traceable. So when you need to send a discreet message and prefer to do it via email, The Incognito Help Line will send it anonymously, on your behalf. Simply provide the recipient’s email address, and they will relay the message, so you don’t have to.
  • Prayer or Motivational Message: Unpleasant news is always taken better when delivered with positivity, so what better way to encourage someone to end an affair by praying they find the strength to do so? Upon request, The Incognito Help Line will craft and deliver a personalized prayer, blessing or motivational message to the recipient of your choosing, to encourage them to find the strength to stop living in sin and do the right thing.

At the end of the day, telling someone they’re being cheated on is always easier when you’re not the one that has to do it. So why not let The Incognito Help Line tell them so you don’t have to? To find out more information about how to anonymously tell someone they’re being cheated on, visit

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