How to Talk To & Warn Other People About Your Cheating Ex


Has your spouse ever had an affair, whether at work or with some stranger they met online? Were there secret vacations together, or lots of time spent together “helping” to provide each other assistance? Were you deceived and taken advantage of, only to be told that you really “missed out,” while the cheater was never discovered?

It can be so frustrating to vent your side of the story to your ex’s family or your mutual friends, without losing the moral upper hand. So how can you out your frustrations and tell the world about your cheating ex, all while maintaining your integrity? Based on experience, services like The Incognito Help Line are a great way to do it tell the world about your lying, cheating ex.

If you’re not familiar with the service, The Incognito Help Line is an Anonymous Messaging service that will deliver any message on your behalf via email, Facebook, text/SMS, Twitter, or personally. So whether you want to send photos of their cheating ass to co-workers, or tell the family the real reason behind your breakup or divorce, The Incognito Help Line will spread the word, without ever revealing your identity.

At the end of the day, their cheating, and your telling the world about it, are mutually exclusive and not equivalent. This isn’t about the “moral high ground,” this is about cheaters that live double lives without consequences, all white endangering the welfare and peace of mind of others in exchange for a few fuck-fest weekends, without thinking of anyone but themselves. When your ex cheats on you, they betray and abuse you, and usually aren’t one bit sorry because they continue to get away with their lies even after the breakup. Why? Because once a cheater, always a liar.

Cheaters Hate When Their Victims Tell the Truth… It fucks with Cheaters’ Impression Management of Themselves As Splendid People

Failing to tell your former friends, family or associates what happened to you is but a mere form of Stockholm Syndrome- you continue to keep it all in, sympathizing with the person that held your heart captive, and now you need to just get it out, and warn people about the scum that is your ex- which they continue to associate with.

Cheaters hate when their victims tell the truth. It fucks with cheaters’ impression management of themselves as splendid people. As long as you’re the cheater’s victim, they’re maintaining the upper hand. But when you take the initiative and tell people the truth about your lying cheating ex, you just make it a lot harder for them to win the “I’m The Real Victim Here” sweepstakes.

When it all boils down, you’re not a bad person for allowing the natural consequences of a cheater’s actions to happen, such as reaching out to people to vent about what’s been done to you. Unfortunately, others don’t always see it that way, and it’s sometimes best to let a third party like The Incognito Help Line tell and warn others about the cheater. And this isn’t even revenge. (Revenge would be forwarding sext messages and dick pics to their boss). Instead you’re just telling people about the cheater, so they are forewarned.

You’re never a bad person for telling people you’ve been cheated on, or warning others so they don’t become the next victim. And remember, if it’s not so terrible to do it, it’s not so terrible to talk about it after the fact.

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